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PS3-exclusive Haze still on track for 2007 release

Currently the PlayStation 3 can take any exclusive that it can. Not in any desperate ways of course, but the PS3 could clearly benefit with exclusives, especially during the holiday season seeing how the Xbox 360 will have Mass Effect to lean on.

Initially Unreal Tournament III was supposed to be at least one heavy PS3 exclusive this holiday season, though unfortunately, a solid release date has yet to be announced, putting the release in doubt. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Heavenly Sword made the cut, but what about Haze?

Initially the game was set as a November 2007 release, though rumors soon began to speculate that the game might slip into 2008. All doubt can lay to rest now as it has been reaffirmed that Haze WILL indeed make it into 2007 with a December 4 release (it’s also worth noting that EB Games, as well a sources close to Ubisoft, listed the game down for December 11 – either way, a holiday release is imminent)

Haze is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that will be one of Sony’s biggest hits this holiday season. Placing gamers into the year 2048, players will take the control of a newly enlisted grunt that is determined to take adventure in a great cause.

On top of the great spectacular gameplay which includes high-tech arsenal, vehicles, and bio-medical support known simply as Nectar, players will also be able to experience a robust online multiplayer experience.

Source: Kotaku