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The Last Of Us promoted with live action series

on 8 February 2013

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us will have a web-based, live-action series to promote the game which could be the ideal appetiser for fans to indulge in before the main course arrives in May.

The survival horror action game caused quite a stir on its debut at E3 last year for its jaw-dropping graphics and hard-hitting action and this new live action series, dubbed What Remains, looks to follow suit with an impressive opening trailer hinting at the terror that’s to come.

The official website reveals that the series is intended to be a "marketing campaign by Naughty Dog to increase sales and awareness for the game title, as well as a unique piece of content chronicling the journey of three unlikely friends as they attempt to survive in a world 10 years after a new strain of fungus as all but wiped out the human race."

There’s no word on when the series will begin, but it should be worth keeping an eye on the official website for more information.