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Urban Trial Freestyle is like Trials HD, hits PSN February 19

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on 10 February 2013

The standout success of Trials HD and Trials Evolution on Xbox 360 have shown that gamers love two-dimensional stunt biking arcade games, where falls are fast, frequent, and tricky to avoid. To capitalize on the popularity of Trials, Tate Interactive is bringing Urban Trial Freestyle to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on February 19.

In Urban Trial Freestyle, you'll hop on a motorbike and ride hard to beat the stunt scores and time records of online players. All of these challenges are smoothly integrated into the game. Whether racing through tropical jungles or over city rooftops, in-game text lets you know when you're about to approach, say, a Longest Jump hotspot, and markers on the course denote how far your friends have soared. You can even race against a ghost of the number-one player on PlayStation Network!

Urban Trial Freestyle looks graphically impressive and packed with environmental detail. We'll find out if gameplay astounds in just over one week. There's no word yet on a European release date, but don't fret - the game has shown up on the EU PlayStation Blog before. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer below and give us your take in the comments.