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Potential PS4 controller image surfaces

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on 15 February 2013

UPDATE: Last night, IGN's Colin Moriarty tweeted that a personal source has confirmed the veracity of the image below. Specifically, his source indicates that the controller pictured below is a prototype of the PlayStation 4 controller's final design. The same source claims that the L2 and R2 triggers will be spring-loaded (much like the Xbox 360 controller's trigger design), and that the light atop the controller functions as a PlayStation Move sensor. Furthermore, a second trusted source close to IGN has indicated that the touch panel seen on the model below is actually press-able (like a button).

Original: A picture has surfaced which includes what looks to be a new PlayStation controller along with what is presumably a PlayStation 4 dev kit.

This controller has the much rumoured touchpad on the front along with a D-pad similar to the one on the PlayStation Vita. It also includes different analog sticks and looks to be chunkier than a DualShock 3. There also appears to be a speaker above the PS button and maybe a headphone jack underneath. This is by no means the final controller, but is a good indicator as to what to expect. Personally, I want to see those triggers, and, if they are good, this controller could be a winner.

Check out the picture below, and use the space below to speculate on what you see.

Via Destructoid