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Second image of potential PS4 controller leaked

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on 15 February 2013

As if the hype train hadn't already going off the rails over last night's leak of the first PlayStation 4 controller image, yet another image has surfaced showing the prototype from a different angle.

Click here to check out the first image.

In the new image, posted on GameTrailers' forums by user SquishyMuffin, everything that the first image shows can be seen in greater detail. First, you will notice the PS Vita-style D-Pad, followed by more rounded grips, a touchpad (that reportedly also acts like a button), the PS Move-like colored sensor at the top, and basic face buttons on the right. You also get a better view of the microphone/speaker directly above the PS button, alongside probable "Start" and "Select" buttons on each side of the touchpad. What appears to be a headphone jack is clearly visible in this image, but whether it appears in the final design remains to be seen.

At the moment, these images are suspected to be prototype designs, but we suspect the final product will be close to what you see here. Make your voice heard in the comments below; what do you think of this new controller design?