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More details on Bungie's Destiny leaked through GameStop materials

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on 15 February 2013

New details on Bungie's Destiny - which may launch on PlayStation 4 - have leaked ahead of its Sunday reveal. Retailer GameStop has received double-sided pre-order bonus posters, which feature new artwork and information about the game.

According to a document received with the posters, Destiny will feature an "always-connected universe" with "public and social activities," which hints at possible integration with social media like Facebook and/or a mobile component. Players will create their own character and be able to customize his or her weaponry, gear, and vehicles by earning various items. Destiny is described as "an FPS with cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes."

My best guess is that Bungie is shaping Destiny to be like a massively-multiplayer online first-person shooter. They seem to be taking their work on the Halo games and expanding the experience by giving players more choice and opportunities to invest in the game. Additional customization and a constantly changing world are just a couple of the upgrades.

Stay tuned to PSU this Sunday for more news on Destiny following the reveal by Bungie.