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SCEJ to host PS Vita webcast tonight

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on 17 February 2013

The PlayStation Meeting this Wednesday has everyone itching to see the new home console from Sony. On the handheld end however, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has something in store for PlayStation Vita tonight.

SCEJ has announced that they will be hosting a webcast for the PS Vita tonight at 5:00pm Japan time (3:00am EST/Midnight PST). At the moment, all we know is that the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Hiroshi Kawano will be the one to host, but no information has been given as to what we will actually see (though, gameplay will be shown). The event can be watched here.

Sony has a lot in store this week for the gaming industry and it's just getting better and better as each day draws us closer to the big event on February 20. Tell us what you think is going to be announced tonight and if you are planning to stay up late and watch it!