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God of War III to be best yet?

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Earlier in the week we reported that God of War III is confirmed for the PlayStation 3 console. As soon as the news marinated on PlayStation 3 dwellers, all sorts of anticipation for GOW3 that was not previously there, suddenly took surface. Just how will one of the biggest PlayStation 2 franchises carry over onto the PS3 platform? Furthermore, can it live up to the expectations created by the previous two titles?

David Jaffe, videogame designer whos work spans all the way from the Twisted Metal series, to God of War II, wrote some interesting details about the latest God of War title for the PS3. In his blog, he talked about Cory Barlog’s departure and how he knew about it way before the announcement. What really caught attention is that the team has revealed to him some creative and tech ideas about God of War III. Through this, David Jaffe, who was the creative director for God of War II, mentioned that from the details he learned about GOWIII, he expects it to be the best edition yet.

The God of War series is one of Sony best franchises that follows a character named Kratos, an warrior set in ancient Greek mythology.

Source: David Jaffe's Blog