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PlayStation Meeting Countdown - Watch the live stream

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on 20 February 2013

You see that countdown timer in the top left hand corner of PSU that’s been ticking down to zero for the last few weeks? Well, we’re almost there folks. The PlayStation Meeting, Sony’s first big event of 2013, and what we expect will be the PS4 reveal, is almost upon us and our hearts are beating as fast as the first time we played God Of War and we came face-to-face with the giant three-headed Hydra.


So, we guess you’re excited, right? And you’ll be watching? Well, there’s nowhere better to watch the live stream than with PlayStation Universe as we’ve got it all covered. This is what you need to know.

The PlayStation Meeting starts at the following times:

6pm EST
3pm PST
11pm GMT

You can watch it by heading to this link…

Chat Channel

You’ll notice we also have a chat channel underneath the main live stream. There’ll be PSU staff in the chat channel and lots of crazy PlayStation gamers, so please do join in the conversation before, during and after the meeting.

News Coverage

No doubt most of you will be watching the show, but do check out all our news as we’ll be publishing articles during and after the conference. We’ll be revealing all the news and giving you our opinions.


We’re still finalising details of our Derailed podcast, so we’ll update this thread shortly. We expect to run a podcast during the show which you’ll be able to listen to shortly after.

So, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Our community is buzzing. When the show is over, join us in the heart of PlayStation community, chat and meet fellow PlayStation gamers who will be discussing every last morsel of the PlayStation Meeting.

It should be fun. See you later!