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PS3 + Blu-ray + Star Trek = Toy Gun

Just how diverse is the parts for the PlayStation 3? Well according to one website, Instructables the PS3 is useful enough to make your own Star Trek inspired phaser gun.

The gun is created for under USD 100 by using an assortment of tools and skill. For creating the weapon, you would need to purchase a laser assembly and a toy replica from eBay for under USD 75, a soldering iron, dremel tool, and of course a PS3. The website features a step-by-step video showing just exactly how this gun may be assembled using a Blu-ray diode.


While this may be a bit far-fetched, it is something interesting for those intrigued by this sort of stuff. Because the Blu-ray is doing so well in sales right now, we can only guess that with so much interest in the format, people have found various ways to expand their Blu-ray experience. I wonder how well a HD-DVD phaser will pan out?