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MotorStorm series may return, says Evolution Studios

on 25 February 2013

Evolution Studios may be focused on DriveClub for now, but a company spokesperson has said it could still return to the MotorStorm franchise later down the line.

The studio’s latest project was unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting last Wednesday, and will be coming to Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 4.  But where does this leave MotorStorm?

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Phenom_Evolution, the community development manager for Evolution, said the studio is “completely focused on DriveClub” at present, “but that’s not to say we won’t return to MotorStorm in the future.”

MotorStorm was among the first crop of titles to hit PS3 following its launch in 2006, and has seen two major sequels: Pacific Rim and Apocalypse, plus the handheld titles MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and MotorStorm RC.

Would you like to see the return of MotorStorm on PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.