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Blu-ray continues dominance over HD-DVD

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According to the Nielson VideoScan numbers, Blu-ray still reigns supreme in HD movie sales boasting a 71% to 29% split in the week ending November 11th. The HD-DVD heavy hitter, Transformers sits at the 3rd place position and is the only HD-DVD movie to sell in the top 10 of HD movie sales.

1. Spider-Man 3 BD 100.00
2. Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy BD 71.95
3. Transformers HD 31.42
4. Meet the Robinsons BD 8.82
5. 300 BD 6.56
6. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer BD 5.03
7. License to Wed BD 4.24
8. The Shining BD 4.11
9. Mr. Brooks BD 4.03
10. 2001: A Space Odyssey BD 3.88

Though Blu-ray is clearly the dominant force here, it usually takes a few years for the industry to come to it’s senses and decide an official victor; however, in this case it could possibly be dragged on just a bit more. HD-DVD continues to hold a few studios to support the format exclusively, but until then, it really looks like Blu-ray will become the new standard.

Source: Engadget HD