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Sony UK head lashes back at criticism over lack of PS4 console showing

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on 25 February 2013

Ever since the PlayStation 4 was revealed last Wednesday, Sony has received a lot of criticism over not showing the console itself, but the head of Sony UK has some words he would like to exchange with the 'nay-sayers'.

In an interview with Videogamer, Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara expressed his annoyance over the media and public complaining about the physical PS4 console not being shown last week. He stated, "I understand that frustration but frankly, a box is a box. Is that really the most important thing?"

Gara went on to explain, "So right, it wasn't available to show last night, it wasn't considered appropriate to show it last night. So what? It's much more important to see what the damn thing does. The shiniest piece of black, green or purple plastic ever, you know, whatever, so what? It's not the most important thing."

For the rest of the interview, you can find it here.

Was Sony right for being annoyed over the criticism, or do you believe that a box should have been shown? Let us know down below and keep your eyes posted to PSU as we cover all things PlayStation!