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PS4 controller praised by Cliff Bleszinski

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on 26 February 2013

Sony’s DualShock 4 controller has attracted praise from former Epic Games designer, Cliff Bleszinski.

The Gears of War big cheese seemed mighty impressed with the new pad, going so far as to say Sony finally ‘fixed’ their controller.

Writing on Tumblr (via Toasty Controller), Bleszinski said: "It looks like Sony has FINALLY fixed their controller. The thumb sticks will now embrace your digits instead of fighting them the entire time. The thing looks SOLID instead of like a cheap knock off controller that would break the second you got frustrated with a God of War quicktime and tossed the damned thing.”

Despite this, he seemed a tad reserved over the touchscreen, adding, “The small touchscreen is a nice addition, but one has to wonder about the location of it. Might be hard to get to considering where the sticks are.”

PS4 was unveiled last Wednesday at the PlayStation Meeting in New York City. The console will be released in holiday 2013, and will be supported by launch titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall.