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Rumor: PS4's CPU clocked at 2 GHz

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on 27 February 2013

PlayStation 4’s AMD-manufactured CPU boasts a final clock speed of 2 GHz, according to the chaps at

The site reports that development kits for Sony’s powerhouse console have been slightly underperforming at 1.6 GHz. However, according to their source, the final clock speed has been bumped to 2 GHz.

In addition, the same source reports that the CPU and GPU will be produced at 28nm by the AMD co-owned GlobalFoundries Fab 8 in New York City. 

Sony unveiled the PS4 at its PlayStation Meeting last Wednesday. In addition to the CPU, the next-generation console also boasts a GPU capable of pumping out 1.84 TFLOPS of processing power – 4.5 times more powerful than that of its predecessor, PS3.

Conspicuous by its absence at the New York-based event however was the PS4 hardware itself, which has prompted much backlash among gamers.

Despite this, we don’t think it was necessary to see the PS4 itself just yet, as we detail in our feature here.