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GAME: PS4 pre-orders 'performing well'

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on 7 March 2013

U.K. retail giant GAME has said that pre-orders for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console are “performing very well.”

Chatting with, the company’s category director, Charlotte Knight, said GAME is “certain” PS4’s launch will help stimulate the lagging U.K. retail market.

"Just like the rest of the gaming community, we were glued to the coverage of the Sony announcement.”

"We moved really quickly to get our PlayStation 4 pre-orders up and live and we saw a huge amount of excitement right from the word 'go'," continued Knight. "Our PlayStation 4 pre-orders are performing very well so far".

Consumers have shown “incredible excitement and interest” she noted, before adding that GAME is chuffed to hear of Sony’s decision to back physical game releases and used games with its next-generation console.

“We think that’s what the gaming community of the UK wants and so that’s what we support,” said Knight, before affirming the company’s belief that PS4’s release will “boost retail sales.”

“Historically, the videogames industry has always been cyclical in line with the release of new hardware," she said.

"Whilst that might change as the gaming landscape evolves, right now we can be certain that the next generation of consoles will boost retail sales. On top of that, it will mobilise developers to keep pushing the boundaries of gaming - and that's great for both gamers and for the industry as a whole."

PS4 is due out in holiday 2013.