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Acclaimed feminist Anita Sarkeesian releases first episode of 'Tropes vs Women,' examines female stereotypes in gaming

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on 7 March 2013

Last year, acclaimed internet feminist Anita Sarkeesian garnered praise and vitriol with a Kickstarter campaign for "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games," a video series that would seek document female stereotypes and typecasting in gaming. After a wildly successful campaign that raised over $150,000 of support, Sarkeesian embarked on 10 months of filming that, earlier today, culminated in the series' YouTube debut.

11 videos are planned, and should result in a roughly 4-hour examination of gender stereotypes in gaming. Peep the first (roughly 20-minute) episode, dubbed Damsel in Distress, below. Then, drop a comment below and join the conversation about gender stereotypes in gaming--for the love of Kaz, keep it civil.

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