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Bungie servers are ready for Destiny launch, no SimCity repeat in the cards

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on 18 March 2013

The recent launch-week woes of SimCity have given gamers and developers a lesson on always-online DRM: It sucks. Thankfully, other multiplayer-centric games--like Bungie's Destiny--bill "always-online" as a social feature to benefit gameplay, not a harmful anti-piracy act.

In any case, Bungie seems ready to dodge the server disconnects and congestion that prevented SimCity owners from playing the game during its first week. "This isn't our first rodeo," said the somewhat cheeky Halo developers in a weekly blog post. "Bungie is no stranger to anxious mobs of players who rush home after a midnight launch and put our best-laid plans to the test. Since a release date hasn’t even been announced yet, we’ll let our team focus on some less frightening but equally important challenges."

Strong words, but Bungie has proven itself able to handle veritable storms of launch-day gamers with a roster of Halo titles celebrated for multiplayer mastery. Destiny may kick things up a notch by constantly bringing players together, but the studio seems poised to cope--and succeed.

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