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World's first PS3 Joystick announced

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Thrustmaster has announced the world’s first-ever joystick for the PS3. The T. Flight Stick X allows PS3 owners to take their games to the next level while they control their aircrafts in games such as Blazing Angels 2.

Thrustmaster has been developing joysticks since 1991 and with 16 years of experience, they are now launching a joystick that is designed especially for console gamers. With most joysticks, there is a long and boring button configuration, but the new T. Flight Stick X offers instant pleasure with Plug and Play capabilities. As of now, the joystick is compatible with all flight games for the PS3.

The T. Flight Stick X features:
- Weighted base for stability particularly when carrying out sharp maneuvers
- Large hand rest for comfort
- Rapid-fire trigger for optimal performance
- Throttle to control fuel flow
- Multi-directional hat-switch
- Mapping to adapt the 12 buttons and 4 axes to suit user’s preferences
- Presets to instantly switch from one programming to another
- Internal memory to save the latest configuration
- 100% PS3 and PC compatible

The T. Flight Stick X will be available in early December with an MSRP of USD 29.99.