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Is Sony set to expand its Trophy support?

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on 21 March 2013

Are you a Trophy whore? You know who I'm talking about. Are you the kind of person that finds every little collectible, plays on the hardest difficulties, and performs repetitive actions simply for a new PlayStation Trophy? We have quite a few of those people on our staff and I'm sure quite a few of you know exactly why they love their Trophy addiction.

There may be some good news for anyone looking at new ways to expand their Trophy collection. Sony has filed a patent application that would essentially allow Trophy support for games that do not already have Trophies. Simple enough? The language in the patent is a bit more complex, however.

Sony's patent, Method and Apparatus for Awarding Trophies, filed back in September but published today, has the following abstract:

"A method and apparatus for adding trophy support games that do not have trophies without modifying the original game. The method and apparatus are used to detect particular disk access, use the detected disk access as potential trophy triggers in games, and recognize the triggers while a game is played. Trophies are awarded based on the triggers, and the awarded trophies are stored."

You can check the patent here (via NeoGaf).

So if this means we could see classic PlayStation games--PSOne, PS2, PSP, early PS3 games--get Trophy support, what games would you want to play again for the Platinum?