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Saints Row developer unconcerned by GTA 5 release date

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on 24 March 2013

Saints Row IV is due to be released on August 22, 2013, a mere four weeks before Grand Theft Auto 5, but developer Volition has not been put off by the two games launching so close to each other. Producer Jim Boone was quoted by Eurogamer saying:

Obviously, when [Rockstar] announced its date and it was so close to us, that was an interesting phenomenon, but the thing we feel good about in general is that we’re such a different game to what they are. If we were stylistically similar to the first Saints Row, I’d be horrified right now. Saints Row: The Third came out the same time as Assassin’s Creed, but the games are so different in terms of what they do.

Although Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 2 blew up the series, selling over five million units each, Grand Theft Auto is on another level. GTA: San Andreas sold in excess of 27.5 million units, which should be cause for concern with release dates so close. Maybe the four week gap will help Volition with Saints Row IV? One things for sure; this Autumn will see these two big competitors battle it out for domination.