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Spelunky confirmed for PS3, PS Vita

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on 26 March 2013

Game designer Derek Yu has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that his celebrated indie platform title, Spelunky, will be hitting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in summer 2013.

Previously released on PC and Xbox 360, Spelunky features randomly-generated stages, allowing for a unique gameplay experience each time you fire it up. Known for its difficulty, the game has scooped various awards, including the IGF’s Excellence in Design Award in 2012.

Yu said he’s particularly pleased to see the game come to Sony's handheld, commenting:

“Given that runs of Spelunky generally last anywhere from a few seconds to a half an hour, I think it’s the perfect game for a portable system. We’re going to work closely with the team porting the game to make sure that it makes good use of PS Vita’s capabilities and lives up to the expectations set by that statement.

“When I designed Spelunky, I wanted to give people a dense, rewarding experience that wouldn’t condescend them or get old. We can’t wait to bring that experience to you guys and gals on PS3 and PS Vita. See you there soon!”

We’ll have more on Spelunky as it breaks.