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Terraria heading to the PS Vita

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on 28 March 2013

PlayStation 3 and PC indie hit Terraria is heading to the PS Vita, it has been confirmed.  I can't say how much sleep you will ever get again after starting this little gem up.

This is great news for everyone with a PS Vita and further cements that Sony is dedicated to bringing the latest hottest titles to its handheld.  For those out of the loop, the main emphasis of Terraria is based around exploring the ever ending, randomly-generated worlds that have lots of untold secrets from sky islands hiding in the high skies to the deeps of hell.

Players can build tons of imaginative creations or craft hundreds of items to use in battle or for exploring, but don't feel overwhelmed because Terraria has one of the easiest pick-up-and-play controls around.

The PS Vita version will support up to eight players online at any given time just like the PS3 version, along with competitive leaderboards and those all-collectable Trophies that you will be hard pressed to get.

The developers have noted that the EU PS3 release has not launched with the other versions, but it is in submission and should be released very soon.

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