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Crytek USA aiming to buy Darksiders IP

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on 29 March 2013

Not long ago, Crytek said it had no current interest in the Darksiders franchise, but now the U.S. arm of the developer has expressed interest in the brand.

Some may know that the new company was formed from the ashes of ex-Vigil staff and is headed by the studio's former boss. If anything, it seems they want their baby back and wouldn't want it lost in IP limbo.

A surprising tweet came from the main man behind the scenes himself, David Adams, stating that the franchise belongs to its creators.

It looks to be when the auction next month happens, Crytek will be right there, ready and willing to snap up the franchise and return it to its rightful home. Indeed, gamers could have a CryEngine/Darksiders baby to look forward to in the near future, and that is a truly exciting prospect.