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Dark Souls 2 new trailer, first gameplay footage and explosive screenshots

on 11 April 2013

 The second trailer, first gameplay footage and new screenshots of From Software’s devilishly-difficult, action role-playing game have been released, showcasing improved graphics, an enhanced duel-wielding move and the ability of creatures to smash through walls.

Though this latest game in the Dark Souls saga won’t be managed by series creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki, his legacy still remains as the gameplay footage and screenshots showcase a similar look to previous games, alongside familiar, slow-paced, challenging combat scenarios and butt-clenchingly scary monsters.


Demonstrating new locales and death animations, the video also talks to Dark Souls 2 co-director Yui Tanimura who reveals the studios approach to storytelling, in which players will need to use their imaginations to create their own stories.

“"One of the spiritual elements to the whole Dark Souls series is the way we storytell. We really encourage and want the player to look into the key - or even small - details that you see throughout the game and really imagine the story for yourself and really try to encompass all the information and create your own story as you play through the game," said Tanimura.

In Dark Souls 2, we can also expect a more accessible experience from the offset rather than a steep learning curve that had some players quitting before the action had even begun in Dark Souls. We can also expect a much larger game-world, said to be double the size of Dark Souls and the new trailer and gameplay footage showcases some of these environments, including what looks like a trip back to the Painted World of Ariamis.


It also looks like A.I. has been enhanced too and not only does the main character appear to move more fluidly than in Dark Souls, but monsters appear more intelligent than ever, reacting to your every movement. This is demonstrated in the video when the player rouses a Cyclops who then proceeds to break through a door to get at him.

You’ll have to visit IGN to check out the developer chat and the gameplay footage, but you can see the second Dark Souls 2 trailer below and visit our Dark Souls 2 screenshot gallery to see how the game is coming on.