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Will XCOM ever see the light of day?

15 April 2013

The official website for 2K’s XCOM has been pulled offline, casting further doubt over the future of the long-delayed shooter.

As you can see by visiting the site here, the page simply displays a ‘404 Not Found’ error. If that wasn’t suspicious enough, 2K has marked two of its YouTube videos for the game as private.

XCOM was originally announced in 2010 – we saw it at E3 the following year and it was shaping up nicely – but the game was delayed numerous times and we’ve heard next to nothing since.

However, Take-Two did confirm back in February that the FPS was still in development. Nonetheless, rumors have persisted that the title has since shifted focus to a third-person, squad-based affair.

Will XCOM ever see the light of day? We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.


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