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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: 'The date for our next reveal is set,' says Nomura

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on 17 April 2013

Square Enix figurehead and character designer Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will finally return to the public eye soon.

Speaking on the inaugural episode of Square Enix Merchandise Radio, Nomura told other staffers that an upcoming reveal for Versus XIII is set in stone. "The date for our next reveal is set and we are working toward preparing information for that," he explained. "Perhaps the details as to why information couldn’t be released might be touched upon with the next information announcement."

"It's a delicate situation within the company."

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, first revealed alongside Final Fantasy XIII at the 2007 Square Enix Party, has received numerous delays since 2010's TGS gameplay trailer. Today, Versus XIII is believed to be re-branded as Final Fantasy XV and set for release on PlayStation 4. With E3 2013 only two months out, it's reasonable to think we'll hear more in June.

Has the wait for Versus XIII details soured your opinion of the game? Are you eager for more Final Fantasy? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and stay glued to for more Final Fantasy news as we hear it.

Thanks, Nova Crystallis.