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PS4 European/UK launch date expected in 2013 reckons GAME

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on 22 April 2013

GAME has been busy printing promotional inlays for PlayStation 4 for its U.K. stores with the words ‘PS4 Expected 2013’ printed across 2013.

GAME could, of course, be hoping for the best but they’ll be plenty of European gamers that will be overjoyed if they can pick up a PS4 before the year’s end.

Further clues that PS4 may release in Europe in 2013 came from GameStop VP Mike Hogan earlier this month, who stated that PS4 will release “globally in 2013.”

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 is February and stated the console would be released in 2013, but speculation has been rife that it will first launch in Japan and North America with a European release date the following year.

Check out the shot of the inlays on