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PS3 can be as successful as PS2, says Stringer

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on 21 November 2007

Sony Corp. CEO Howard Stringer has gone on record to state that he believes the PlayStation 3 will be as successful as the PlayStation 2, suggesting the momentum of the next-generation console matches that of its predecessor in its early stage of release.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Stringer stated, "The momentum shift and the energy behind PS3 in time for Christmas is extremely fortuitous.”

“It was planned by the PlayStation group, but I think this momentum now - particularly the number of games coming out, including our own as well as third-party - is the same as it was with PlayStation 2. [The PS3 is] not behind the curve compared to PlayStation 2 in terms of momentum."

He further added that developers simply required time to get to grips with the systems architecture, insisting that now that they have, consumers can expect an influx of quality software releases.

“The amount of bandwidth and the processing power of Cell give game manufacturers a lot more work to do to use this system to its full benefit - and it's taken a while to do it. The same was true of PlayStation 2”, he said.