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Gear up soldier, the new Call of Duty reveal is just days away

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on 29 April 2013

The new Call of Duty title looks set to be officially unveiled on Wednesday, May 1, according to retailer GameStop.

Marketing updates sent to the U.S. retail chain clearly indicate that something big is expected to arrive mid-week, urging stores not to display the POS until May 1.

Previous reports have also suggested that the military shooter – supposedly named Call of Duty: Ghosts – is due for a reveal this week.

U.K. supermarket chain Tesco posted a listing for Ghosts just last week, and followed this by updating the page with additional details. While it was quickly pulled offline, several websites managed to get a snapshot of the listing, which revealed Ghosts will run on a ‘new, next-generation engine’ and will feature an all-new cast and storyline

The game will be released on November 4, according to Tesco.

Stay tuned for more information on 2013’s Call of Duty as soon as it breaks this Wednesday.

via IGN