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Stomping in my...PlayStation AirForce 1s?

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For over 25 years, the Nike AirForce 1 has been a staple shoe for the company. Released in three different styles: low, high, and medium rise, the Air Force 1 is probably the most recognized basketball shoe, second only to the Converse Chuck Taylors.

In conjunction with this, Sony took noticed of the shoe and decided to give a few PlayStation branded pairs away to Sony executives as well as a select number of celebrities. The shoe is rare by all means, as it was never released to the public, at least until now – that is, if you are willing to part for a blistering USD1000, you may acquire a pair of these for your own pleasure.

So what is it worth to you? How much of a PlayStation fan are you to go as far as to paying USD 1000+ for a pair of sneakers? This may also be the perfect holiday gift for that special someone, who knows.

Source: Gamesniped