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UTIII PS3 goes gold!

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Mark Rein, producer of Unreal Tournament III, has just confirmed on the Epic Games boards that the sci-fi FPS for PS3 has gone gold.

It was confirmed that UTIII has been approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America and has been released to North American manufacturing.

Two months ago, Unreal Tournament III for the PlayStation 3 was delayed till late 2007, with the possibility of an early 2008 release. Because of all the hard work Epic put into the game, UTIII will in fact make it into your hands on December 11, but only in North America.

Rein stated on the Epic boards that he expects the title to show up in Europe between January and February next year.

Check out his post right here.

UTIII is currently a PS3 exclusive (bar the PC). It is expected to be released on Xbox 360 some time in 2008.