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Zone of the Enders sequel shelved, confirms Hideo Kojima

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on 3 May 2013

Legendary developer Hideo Kojima has confirmed that he’s put an end to the planned sequel to the Zone of the Enders franchise.

The Metal Gear creator made the announcement during a recent radio show, where he revealed that the project’s development team has been completely dismantled.

He also expressed his disappointment in the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, specifically the transition from 30 – 60fps.

As such, Kojima-san confirmed that the team is prepping a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of the bundle. No word yet on whether the Xbox 360 version will be getting the same treatment, however.

In light of these issues, Kojima-san revealed his intention to re-evaluate the future of the Zone of the Enders franchise. He wrapped by asking fans if they still want to see the series receive a new title.

Plans for a sequel were originally announced last spring.

via Siliconera