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PS4 clues spotted in PlayStation Network code, next-gen transition starting?

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on 6 May 2013

If back-end values on Sony internal development servers are any indication, the PlayStation Network is preparing for the transition to PlayStation 4 software and compatibility.

The details were unearthed by PS3 tech sleuth SKFU. According to, SKFU is known in the PS3 tech scene for digging into network packets and communications between your PS3 console and Sony's servers. Recently, SKFU's search was blown open with the discovery of code pertaining to PS4 assets and features. Most of the telling product names are contained in development and quality assurance environments. With SKFU's search tool, the following gems were unearthed:

PS4 Announcement
Storefront Inclusions Test - GAME PS4 Product
Game Franchise | Game PS4 Representative 1
Game Franchise with PS4 Representative
Orbis test data
Orbis Product with eligibility rules

Can we make much sense of these references? Not really, but their existence is a promising sign for PlayStation Network's back-end development, despite the illicit nature by which they were discovered.

What do you think? Is Sony forward-thinking with early preparations for next-gen changes? Any speculation as to what the Product IDs below represent?