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PlayStation Store offline - updates as we get them

Update - Drama over. We're online in the UK. Everything should be back up and running worldwide shortly.

Update - We've just been prompted to download Version 1.05 software update required. Seems like a Store update, but why did it take so long? Message now appears "Server currently undergoing maintenance."

Update - Other error messages reported 80710092. PSN still offline. No access to Store or online multiplayer. Reports that some users can't sign in at all. Awaiting update.

The PlayStation Store is currently offline and has been so for at least the last few hours, yet we're not entirely sure why.

Users are reporting error code 80710D36 as the most common error when trying to connect. As far as we can see, through trawling forums and error code lists, this appears to relate to some form of maintenance.

No doubt the PS Store will be back online soon, but it’s so frustrating when there’s no explanation given at all on why we can't access the service.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything.

Note - Reports are from those accessing the UK store. Please let us know if the store is down in your territory.