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Spammers with bad grammar target PS3 users

7 May 2013

Spammers are targeting PS3 users by encouraging them to share pointless messages with people on their friend’s list.

There’s always been spam mail sent via private message on the PlayStation Network, but over the past few days there seems to have been an influx of new idiots. Here’s a couple of the examples that have been reported recently:

“Dear PSN users,this is board executive Marlon Young. Due to all spamming, we at psn are giving out another welcome back package that includes all call of duty games, including Black ops, plus a free year of playstation plus. Send this to all of your friends, then go to store and check your download list. Not only Black ops, but $120 will be in your account.”

The fact that they don't use capital letters where they should do reveals that this person is not a Sony spokesperson. Here's another one:

“Hello, this is jeff couzan from Sony Entertainment Company i'm sending this message out to all the Playststion Network users. If you send this message to 25 people you will be granted 50 dollars in Playststion store. Check your wallet after you send this to 25 people, and your money will be there. And so you know this is not another one of those spams. This is tracked by Sony Entertainment Company.Send this to all your friends to recieve the NEW ESCALATION MAP PACK!! including an all new ZOMBIE exper”

Hang on Jeff! You can't even spell PlayStation.

If you’re ever unsure whether a message you receive is genuine then please report the post to Sony for investigation. Or, you could just ignore it.


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