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GTA V gets new, action-packed screenshots

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on 8 May 2013

Grand Theft Auto V has received a fresh batch of new screenshots courtesy of Rockstar, showcasing a plethora of action-packed scenes from the hotly-anticipated crime sequel.

Check them out in our gallery here, though be sure to have a quick butcher’s at one of the new images below.

GTA V boasts the largest open-world in Rockstar Games’ illustrious career, and features three playable characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Rockstar has introduced a number of new tweaks to the formula, essentially evolving “nearly every mechanic.”

Returning to the fold from GTA IV will be the mobile phone, albeit in slightly modified form, and while an economy system will be present, it won’t involve purchasing property ala Vice City. Vehicles will be expanded greatly, with a massive variety of cars, trucks, bikes, planes, choppers, ATVs and more available for the player to utilize.

Multiplayer has been confirmed too, and adheres to the ‘Crews’ system from Max Payne 3. GTA V will have a strong relationship with its Rockstar stable mate shooter, allowing gamers to carry over crews from one game to the other, providing you have played both titles.

GTA V is due out in September for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.