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Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference - PSU Community Predictions

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on 9 May 2013

How close is Sony's E3 2013 press conference? Just check the countdown in the top-left corner of your screen.

Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal was incredibly exciting in its own right, but in terms of game-changing announcements, nothing will compare to this year's E3 media briefing. PSU will be covering the event live from the conference floor, but we're too excited to wait until June 10 (6pm Pacific) to talk about it. Our community is the same way: PSU members are sharing their wishes and predictions for Sony's press conference right now.

Here are some of our community members' thoughts on the big event. Do you agree? Disagree? Have some speculation of our own to share? Drop a comment below, then hit up our official forums to join the conversation.

Kyle Prahl dreams every night that Sony will announce Mega Man Legends 3 as a PS4 exclusive. You can follow him on Twitter for the ravings of a college student who writes about video games.

Predictions for Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference

victorijapoosp says:

"*1tb HDD + 60gb ssd cache
*All games from Feb event are Launch titles.
*PS vita version of GTA and GT6
*naughty DOg PS4 game
*Sony Santa Monica studio PS4 Game
* PS+ gets access to Gaikai
*PS3 Disc in the drive = do not require Gaikai or PS+ sub"

AaronSoldier says:

"ANYTHING for PS Vita. That shit needs games ASAP."

The Black Wolf says:

"Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be playable at E3."

mini E says:

"PS4 release date and design finalized. Comes in standalone and bundle versions. A slew of new Vita games announced. Half new IPs, half old ones. Sony announces price drop and continued support for PS3 citing Puppeteer, Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond, etc. as examples, possibly GT6 or a new PS3 game. Many games releasing on both PS3 and PS4. PSMobile extends to more devices and gains more support. Sony invites indie devs on stage during press conference. Timed exclusivity and exclusive DLC for 3rd party next-gen games. Lots of tech demos and powerpoints (though hopefully not)."

x_terna says:

"Sony and Oculus partnership."

Ryunosuke says:

"$399 SKU w/o PSEye/$499 SKU (Includes PSEye, Larger HDD and 3 to 6 Months PS+).
FFvs13 for PS3/PS4 (PS4 version published by Sony) with 2014 release date.
Santa Monica New IP PS4 Game.
All first-party and most third-party games shown at the PlayStation Meeting will be playable.
GT6 for PS3 or Vita and PS4.
The Last Guardian re-revealed for PS4 with a 2014 release (might be at TGS instead).
GTAV with exclusive DLC.
Online play to remain free.
Multiple tiers of PS+ with the top tier including Gaikai."

itachi73378 says:

"Square Enix executive shows some new FF that's NOT versus
Naughty Dog PS4 game isn't Uncharted
Santa Monica PS4 game isn't GOW
Quantum Dream's new game revealed
Media Molecule's new game is the weird move stuff shown in feburary called Big Little Universe"