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Report: PS4 won't be delayed into 2014 for Europe

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on 14 May 2013

A CVG insider has claimed that Sony will not delay the European launch of PlayStation 4 into 2014.

According to the source, Sony anticipates an aggressive stance from Microsoft in regards to the PAL market, as a result of PS4 being the first next-generation machine revealed.

As such, Sony is apparently “prepared to do whatever it takes” to secure a 2013 release for PS4 in Europe.

PS3 was originally launched in Japan and the U.S. in November 2006, but didn’t arrive in Europe until spring 2007. Hopefully, Sony will indeed manage to avoid a similar delay for its next-generation console.

Sony announced in February that PS4 will be released in holiday 2013 – let’s just hope Europe is included in this launch window, eh?