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PS3 version of Fatal Inertia superior to 360 release

on 23 November 2007

KOEI has revealed that Fatal Inertia will be a superior title on Sony's PS3 than it was on the 360.

Originally a PS3 exclusive game, Fatal Inertia met numerous delays as the team struggled with the Unreal Engine.

Fatal Inertia released last September for the 360, and was frankly underwhelming, failing to achieve critical acclaim. They're back to the drawing boards to iron out the kinks and release an improved futuristic racer than Microsoft's machine saw.

Apparently, they're "polishing up technical areas and putting together a more enticing demo than Live customers were treated to." No word yet if any new content will make it into the PS3 version, though it has been acknowledged as a possibility.

The title is set to release sometime in 2008.

Source: Eurogamer