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PS4 price revealed by Sony India, listing now removed

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on 20 May 2013

A product listing on the official Sony India website may have revealed the PlayStation 4 price ahead of its E3 2013 coming-out party.

The PlayStation faithful have been dying to know what PS4 looks like and how much it will cost since its reveal in February. The Sony India product page, which has since been removed, allegedly listed a base model of the console with a 250 GB hard drive for...


There are no currently available screengrabs of the now-missing product page, so this rumor should be taken with plenty of salt until one surfaces. The news was seemingly first reported by German gaming site before being spotted by NeoGAF. There, forum posters indicate that, while 399 Euros converts to roughly 513 US dollars, a direct conversion is almost never valid for game console sales. Case in point: at launch, the PlayStation Vita sold for €250 and $250. Another example: the PlayStation 2 launched for $299 and "2990 French Francs, which is equivalent to 450 Euros."

Early speculation about PS4's price pegged $399 as the sweet spot for a base model, but 250GB sounds like a woefully small hard drive. It's also difficult to believe that Sony would make a mistake of this magnitude with such crucial timing--this has intentional leak written all over it, in which case the PlayStation nation should have every confidence that PS4 will launch somewhere around the $399/€399 mark.

Of course, could also be trolling PlayStation fans with a fake URL and fake story, so continue to treat this story as rumor until evidence surfaces. We are currently investigating, and will update this story as we find and hear more.

Will you pay $399 for a PS4 at launch? What accessories or bundles do you expect to see on store shelves? Are you more interested in a higher-price SKU with more hard drive space? Give us your thoughts, speculation, and analysis in the comments below, and stay glued to for E3 2013 coverage live from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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