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Report: PS4 games must support PS Vita remote-play

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on 29 May 2013

A new report has claimed that all PlayStation 4 titles are required to utilize PlayStation Vita remote-play functionality.

Digital Foundry’s source claims that an exception to this requirement will be those titles that use the PS4’s Eye Camera.

“A trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy has told Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated Vita Remote Play for all upcoming PS4 games – except those that require the use of its bundled stereoscopic camera, the PS4 Eye,” it says.

Elsewhere, the report states that cross-play between Sony’s next-generation console and its new handheld will downscale the “1080p framebuffer to the Vita’s native 960x544 resolution, using the PS4’s in-built hardware h.264 video encoder to compress the image,” which Wi-Fi then transfers to the Vita.

PS4 is due out in holiday 2013. More information on the system will be revealed at E3 next month during Sony’s press conference.

via VG247