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DUST 514 and EVE Online server back online

on 3 June 2013

Last night PSU reported that Tranquility, the single shard server that houses DUST 514 and EVE Online, had been taken offline after a sustained DDoS attack.

After toiling through the wee hours of the morning, CCP has announced that Traquility is back online and good to go. Chief Operating Officer Jón Hörðdal Jónasson explained some details of the attack in a statement on the dust514.com news page:

"What we can now confirm is that a person was able to utilize a vulnerability in one of the back-end services that support the operation of the Tranquility server. This vulnerability has now been secured and thoroughly tested.

We would like to stress that at no time was customer data compromised or accessible in any way.

The effort of returning the complex server structure of the EVE Universe and associated websites to service in a methodical and highly-scrutinized fashion began hours ago and Tranquillity has now been brought online (at 10:13 UTC). Our teams will monitor the situation carefully in the coming hours to ensure that our services are accessible and that all customer data remains secure."

He also stated that there will be some kind of compensation for EVE and DUST players and that this info will be announced soon.

Read the full statement here and stay tuned to PSU for the latest DUST 514 news.