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The Last of Us multiplayer revealed in new screenshots

on 3 June 2013

With June 14, the release date of the highly anticipated The Last of Us, right around the corner, developer Naughty Dog has finally begun revealing details of the game's multiplayer mode, which has until now been under a strict veil of secrecy.

The name of the game's multiplayer, although currently unconfirmed, is rumored to be "Factions," and will consist initially of two game modes.

A few aspects of the game's multiplayer are parallel to those of Uncharted's multiplayer modes. Players will be prompted upon starting Factions to chose one of two human factions, both of which are seen and interacted with in the game's campaign. Upon selecting the faction of choice, players can then customize their character's apparel and gear. Increasingly common among multiplayer modes, players will also have a customizable emblem at their disposal.

In one game mode, matches take place during a number of days and weeks, each round counting as one day. Somewhat new (or returning) to the realm of multiplayer is the large presence of A.I. Each faction comes with a group of A.I. survivors, and as Factions progresses over several rounds, the number of survivors will rise and fall accordingly. Whether or not survivors can be utilized strategically in any way is unknown.

Moreover, Naughty Dog is aiming to keep a certain connection between single-player and multiplayer. Instead of taking away a number of the campaign's main features and making a dissimilar online experience, most of the game's core experiences are retained in the multiplayer, including the ability to craft items and gather resources.

The multiplayer mode also features four preset loadouts, bearing the titles Assault, Support, Sniper, and Stealth. Each contains four slots that can be filled with both a large and small weapon, and two skills. While little is known about the specific weapons or skills available to players to utilize, one confirmed skill has been dubbed Covert Training 2, allowing players to become invisible when enemies are using Listen Mode, another ability that permits players to see enemies through walls.

Naughty Dog has also released its first batch of screenshots for The Last of Us. Check out a couple below, and peep the others in our official game gallery.

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Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe. He will be purchasing The Last of Us upon release, so stay tuned with him @steven_chaffin for all of his in-game rants and raves. He may also lend a piece of advice or two.