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'Future of Final Fantasy' pre-E3 event announced for June 11

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on 5 June 2013

Pre-E3 shows seem to be the new trend, just like starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving, to give developers a leg up on hyping up their titles before the expo starts. Square Enix is hopping on the bandwagon with a pre-E3 event titled the "Future of Final Fantasy."

Just today, publications like Destructoid received invites to the event with little information other than they would be able to ask Square Enix senior vice president Shinji Hashimoto some questions at that time.

What does the "Future of Final Fantasy" have in store for us? Maybe more Lightning Returns, a localized Final Fantasy Type-0, or Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Surely Final Fantasy XV will at last be unveiled. Stay tuned to PSU for the latest on Final Fantasy and more.

Ernest Lin is a US Editor for PSU when he's not waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Kingdom Hearts 3. You can follow him on Tumblr & Twitter.