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Under the hood of PS4's DriveClub in new developer diary

6 June 2013

After its reveal earlier this year in February at Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement event, an abundance of gamers have been eagerly anticipating a closer look at Evolution Studios' DriveClub, a PS4 exclusive racer that was unveiled with an array of picturesque screenshots. Today, in the latest installation to Sony's Conversations with Creators developer diary series, the minds behind DriveClub preview what may be the best racing title to date.

Among the topics discussed in the diary, DriveClub's Design Director Simon Barlow discusses some of the inspiration behind the game and some of the factors that brought it to fruition.

"When we first found out about PlayStation 4 and the features of the platform, we were really pleasantly surprised that [Sony] completely synced up with what we had in mind for DriveClub," he said.

DriveClub's Studio Game Director Matt Southern and Col Rodgers went on to discuss Evolution Studios' desire to integrate the game in the increasingly social atmosphere that has become characteristic to successful video games in recent years. DriveClub, following the trend set by
Codemaster's Grid 2, places an emphasis on community, taking it a step further through the game's clubs. Every accolade, achievement, and reward earned throughout the game's single or multiplayer will be attributed towards your club's success and social standing, creating a team-based racer unlike the more individual focused racers released throughout the course of the current generation. DriveClub will also feature the ability to create a variety of different challenges that can be sent to your PlayStation Network friends, club mates, and anyone else enjoying the game.

For the full preview of Evolution Studios' DriveClub, watch the developer diary below:

More news regarding Evolution Studios' DriveClub is expected to be released at this year's E3, taking place June 11-13. Stay tuned here at, and on Twitter @PSUdotcom, for all the latest on our first look at next generation racing.

Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American staff writer for PlayStation Universe. You can follow him on Twitter


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