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Tekken Revolution outed, free-to-play, PS3 exclusive and released next week

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on 9 June 2013

A trailer has emerged about a new game in Namco's long-running Tekken series called Tekken Revolution.

However, this one will be free-to-play and presumably content will be purchased through microtransactions which is the usual method for this pricing structure. The game hasn't been officially announced by Namco but was spotted on NeoGAF.

The trailer can be seen below:


The trailer gives the release date of June 11th which is next week during E3, which suggests that it will be official unveiled then. It is also unclear whether this is all-new or content from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 put into a different package. Whatever the case, we will surely find out soon and when we do we will have the info here on PSU.