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PS4's PlanetSide 2 a beautifully brutal free-to-play MMO

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on 12 June 2013

 If you're anything like me and haven't experienced an abundance of PC-gaming, it's also likely that you're not very familiar with massive-multiplayer online titles.  With the next-generation right around the corner and the PlayStation 4 offering what seems to be an impressive list of MMOs early in its life-cycle, gamers are readily anticipating their first forays into mass-online gaming.  

Among the MMOs coming to PS4 is PlanetSide 2, a previously PC-only title that will be releasing for Sony's next-generation console on November 20, 2013 completely free-to-play.  Today, a new E3 trailer for the game has been released, answering the long asked question of how an MMO will look and run on the PS4.  Spoiler: It looks fantastic.  

View the new video below.


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Steven Chaffin, Jr. | @steven_chaffin | The Editor's Desk