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Rumors debunked: Rainbow 6: Patriots not cancelled, coming to PS4

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on 12 June 2013

 Remember when Ubisoft announced and revealed an amazing trailer to Rainbow 6: Patriots in 2011? After the game had fallen off the radar and was rumored early last month to have been cancelled, an interview with IGN reveals that the game is no longer coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but is now slated for PS4 and Xbox One.

In an interview with IGN, Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key confirmed that Rainbow 6 is being developed for next-generation systems and gives some clarification as to why:

“We can’t -- and we don’t want to -- make ten giant blockbuster games at the same time,” Key told IGN. “We’re absolutely making another Rainbow 6. We’ve already said so. We just, as we enter this new generation, have to make sure we make the right game at the right time with the right feature sets."

"And Rainbow 6 got caught in the transition of going to next-gen and essentially we’re figuring out ‘well, are we making the right game for the right hardware systems?’ And you know, on Watch Dogs, the guys have been working on that game and it’s always been a next-generation game in their minds and the way they were designing it. And at the end of the day when the specs showed up for next generation, they had guessed right. That’s not always the case.”

"Sometimes you have to take a step back and go ‘you know, I’m seeing the possibilities, but it's gonna take more time,’” Key added. “We don’t really have anything else to announce or say about Rainbow 6, but we will say it’s a really exciting project for us and we can’t wait to say more.”

IGN then followed up by asking Troy is it's safe to assume the game is next-gen, to which he replied "yes".