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PS4 Launch Edition - Join the PlayStation community

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on 26 June 2013

PlayStation Universe hosts one of the biggest and most vibrant PlayStation communities on the web and many of our readers are going to be among the first to own a PlayStation 4 when it launches this year.

That’s why we want you to know that PSU is the best place to discuss PlayStation 4 with fellow core gamers. Forum Elder, Savage360, has taken imitative and set up a PS4 Launch Edition thread specifically for those people who have pre-ordered a PS4. This will be a place where those getting the console on day one can enjoy the build-up to release date and can immediately talk about their experiences when they unwrap their new shiny PS4.

Here’s what Savage360, who has actually ordered three PS4s for himself, has to say:

“Hello everyone! With the recent PlayStation 4 announcements such as price and availability many people in the world have already pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 to get ready for the launch of a next-generation of gaming.

I wanted to make a thread that's dedicated to people who have already pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 and are guaranteed to be playing on Day One. This thread will be updated all-through-out the launch and will contain a list of people from PSU who have "Launch Edition" of the PlayStation 4. It doesn't matter where you get the system from whether it’s Amazon, Best Buy or Gamestop.

If you have already own/reserve a PlayStation 4 and will be playing on Day One please list your name in this thread to be added and that way we can all jump in and have a launch party/fun time when Sony's next-generation hardware finally launches.”

To join in PlayStation 4 discussion head over to this thread and join the most vibrant PlayStation forum on the web.